SYNCOGIC the fusion of two words "Synchronization"​ and "Logic"​

Syncogic brings efficiency and precision to this uncertain process. We provide a premium on true proactivity – the hallmark of a great Virtual assistant.

SYNCOGIC is when diverse culture blends, groomed and grow together like the fine roasted coffee beans.


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Syncogic provides offshore outsourcing services. We provide recruitment back office and admin support, resume sourcing, and candidate generation to companies based in the UK & US.

Syncogic is a young, dynamic and unique concept resulting from the fusion of two words "Synchronization" and "Logic".

We provide cost-effectively, high quality IT resources to meet talent needs through Staff Augmentation. Our focus with our clients is to help them achieve greater organizational performance by attracting, selecting, engaging and developing the best and brightest people for their businesses.


Recruiting a new team member is a time-consuming procedure. It can take months to successfully source, hire, and train an in-house assistant, with no guarantee of a perfect fit.

SYNCOGIC brings efficiency and precision to this uncertain process. We pride ourselves in matching our Virtual assistants precisely to our clients' needs. Above all, we place a premium on true proactivity – the hallmark of a great Virtual assistant.

So once we’ve found the perfect SYNCOGIC for you, you can rest assured that they’ll be performing at the very highest level from day one.

What are the benefits from SYNCOGIC team?

The full-time employee model is not only expensive – it’s also restrictive and inflexible. We don’t believe that a remote assistant represents a compromise. In fact, we believe it presents a number of unique opportunities:

1. Our SYNCOGIC work in teams, meaning each client can draw on the collective intelligence of the entire company. In other words, our platform gives each client an army for less than the price of a soldier.
2. It feels as though you have your own assistant. However, our on-demand model means our clients only pay for the assistance they actually need, reducing the cost by at SYNCOGIC.
3. SYNCOGIC is a truly bespoke service. The level of support we provide is tailored to your needs. So we can grow as your business does.


SYNCOGIC understands the need for absolute reliability. We understand that the ‘working day’ can mean different things to different people, so no matter what your day throws at you, you can rely on us to be prepared.

Here’s how:
1. We’re instantly accessible – your SYNCOGIC is always just a phone call or email away.
2. Versatile workload - Each SYNCOGIC has a support team at their disposal so your work is always with you on time.
3. We offer comprehensive cover – 5 days a week, 52 weeks a year.

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